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 Fifth's Movement - Alterac Mountains - Week Long

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Highlord Von Bodenschat

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PostSubject: Fifth's Movement - Alterac Mountains - Week Long   Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:01 am

Fifth's Movement - Alterac Mountains

Description : The central mountains have been overrun by ogres, while the organization called the Syndicate controls Strahnbrad and other areas. Dalaran was enclosed within an impregnable magic shell before the city was lifted in the air and moved to Northrend. A high, wooded region, the Alterac Mountains see much rainfall and its skies are constantly overcast. Crushridge ogres and the Syndicate, a wicked group of rogues led by fallen human nobles, clash repeatedly for control of this land. WE shall lead our initial force into the village of Strahnbrad, battling back any bandits who dare challenge the Crusade. This week shall be a ravenous one, under constant assault by the Syndicate.

This week shall be filled with skrimishes against the Syndicate and Crushridge Ogre presence in Alterac. These events merely represent our major progression, all week is available to do what you feel.

~RP - Warring the Syndicate - Directly north of Strahnbrad, lies a bulk of the Syndicate's forces in Alterac. The Fifth shall lead strike team after strike team, battering the camps. Should we choose to focus our forces on the Syndicate we shall not be able to make notable efforts against the Crushridge.
~RP - Warring the Crushridge - West of Strahnbrad, lies the ruined city of Alterac. Now under Ogre control, we may focus our forces on destroying the filthy grip they hold. Should we choose to focus our forces on the Crushridge, we shall not be able to make notable efforts against the Syndicate.


Hillsbrad Foothills - To the South
Western Plaguelands - To the Northeast

Alterac Mountains


Our home for the next week

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Fifth's Movement - Alterac Mountains - Week Long
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