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 Fifth's Movement - Silverpine Forest; Pyrewood Village - Week Long Event

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PostSubject: Fifth's Movement - Silverpine Forest; Pyrewood Village - Week Long Event   Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:14 am

Fifth's Movement - Silverpine: Pyrewood Village

Description : Pyrewood Village is a Lordaeron village north of King's Road within the Silverpine Forest. The village is a settlement inhabited by a group of humans who have survived the coming of the Scourge, though not without paying a large price. The village survived the Plague due to the efforts of the blood elves and later due to the military aid of Dalaran. Now under protection of the Crusade, we shall be settling in this outpost for the next week to come, further expanding our grip on Silverpine.

"Now that we have secured and held our position in Pyrewood, we shall be returning from time to fime so that we may further expand our hold on the lands of West Lordaeron. Our current tasklist as follows...

This week shall be filled with skrimishes against the Scourge, Worgen and Horde presence in Silverpine Forest and Lake Lordamere. These events merely represent our major progression, all week is available to do what you feel.

~RP-PvP - Securing the Sepulcher, aka, "Sacking the Sepulcher" - Our forces shall ready themselves from Pyrewood, marching to the former Alliance graveyard.
~RP (PvP Optional) - Supply Source: Deep Elm Mine - There is a heavy presence of Worgen around the mine, but we need it if we want to maintain an ore supply in Pyrewood.
~RP (PvP Optional) - Planting the Seed - The land in Western Lordaeron is much more fertile than that in the East. Proven by Solliden himself, we must secure farmland in Silverpine.
~RP (PvP Optional) - Reclaiming the Keep - Fenris Isle, home of Fenris Keep has been ravaged and run rampant by a group of undead Gnolls. Retaking such a prominant Alliance base would serve as a vital point in retaking the Capital.


Tirisfal Glades - To the North
Hillsbrad Foothills - To the East

Silverpine Forest

Pyrewood Village

Our home for the next week.

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Fifth's Movement - Silverpine Forest; Pyrewood Village - Week Long Event
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