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 Fifth's Movement - Western Plaguelands; Hearthglen - Week Long

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PostSubject: Fifth's Movement - Western Plaguelands; Hearthglen - Week Long   Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:17 am

Fifth's Movement - Western Plaguelands; Hearthglen

Description : The Western Plaguelands are located in northern Lordaeron, wedged between Tirisfal Glades to the west, the Eastern Plaguelands to the east, and the Alterac Mountains to the south. It is filled with a smoky gray mist and the creatures here are blighted and sick, angrily attacking anyone who wanders too close with surprising ferocity. The land is also home to countless undead who infest the ruins of Andorhal, the four cauldron fields, and Sorrow Hill. The Crusade has a significant holding in and around Hearthglen to the north, salvaging what little we could when the Kingdom collapsed. The Alliance has settled in the small Chillwind Camp to the south.

This week shall be filled with skrimishes against the heavy Scourge presence in the Western Plaguelands as well as the Forsaken who roam throughout our lands seeking to imperialize. These events merely represent our major progression, all week is available to do what you feel.

~RP-PvP - Battering the Bulwark - The Bulwark is a Forsaken allied Argent Dawn encampment on the border of the Plaguelands. Increase their pressure, so we may march our soldiers back to Tirisfal Glades.

~RP - Bringing Death to Undeath - Scholomance, former noble home, current School of Necromancery. We shall lead assault forces throughout the School.

~RP - Deterring the Plague - Our Alchemists have developed an 'anti-catalyst', effective in slowing the Scourge Cauldrons. We shall fan out acrossed the Plaguelands, administering test doses of the substance.

~RP - Storming the Ruins - Andorhal lies in ruins, defended by an amassment of Scourge. Our times comes now, the Fifth shall lead the charge back through the ruins.

~RP - Laying them to rest - The spirits of 'Sorrow Hill' have become enthralled by the Scourge. Grant our Brothers and Sisters of Lordaeron their freedom, destroy the husk of a shell that imprisons them!


Hillsbrad Foothills - To the South
Western Plaguelands - To the Northeast

Western Plaguelands


Our home for the next week

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Fifth's Movement - Western Plaguelands; Hearthglen - Week Long
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