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 A letter from an unknown source...

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PostSubject: A letter from an unknown source...   Tue May 18, 2010 1:54 pm

As you pick the letter from your mailbox you begin to read over it, striken slightly by the words within, for they seem completely assured to happen...

"The fall of the most noble of causes has brought about chaos to some minds, yours is one... You were once a noble warrior of the light, completely devoted to the highlord, his will, and the light... But now... Now you betray all of these things! Some of you have abbandoned this most noble cause, some have joined that fool, Jaxon, and some...some have turned to that which is inforgivable... JOINING A FALSE CAUSE TO THE LIGHT! I speak to all of you, not as one man, not as one person, not even as a so called "harbringer" of faith and the light...I come to you as more then that...I come as the shadows around every corner, in every place through that which is the world, to reach out and teach each and every single one of you a lesson you shall not soon forget in the short time you have yet to live or in the death and eternal damnation that awaits your unfaith... I come to teach that which can NOT be forgotten, but apparently many of you have. My blade will be swift, true, and guided by true faith, unlike the likes of yours, you heretic..."

The bottom would be stamped with what looks to be a lorderon cross marked over by an X made of poison vials, under which it reads, "Ketzer, jeder von euch, so zahlt die ultimative Preis, wenn sie sehen das Licht." ((Heretics, each of you, shall pay the ultimate price, unless you see the light.))
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A letter from an unknown source...
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