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Abandon All Hope, Ye Heretics
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 From the journal of a Greyheart

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PostSubject: From the journal of a Greyheart   Mon May 17, 2010 2:45 pm

(please stick with me... this might get long. This is the story of Reighle Valdorious.)

It began as any other day...Morning chores.... Lessons from Master Darkkonn... a Trip to the market, return home.. Same old same old. Though today was different, Today My father came home from his purge of Stratholme. Arthas had sent him back as a favor to the king. My Father was a Colonel under Arthas's command, and now a Reporting Royal Guard captain. We feasted well that night. Uncle Dareious wouldn't be celebrating with us due to his "Lucky Catch", A highelf priestess that returned along side him and Father. My guess is a full out marriage will head their way. I was so happy, We were Finally together once again.

It was only a few years until The prince returned.... And my father left us. We were in the middle of a conference. I was quickly writing down Master Darkkonn's notes for later review, when Arathas made a stride into the throne room. At first we were all quite happy to see him, Then The prince held tightly to the hilt of his sword wich was driven straight through The king. Even the normally dark-minded Phineus Darkkonn was was taken aback by the cruelty. I ran into the railing to witness the event. Then, After The king's body slumped lifelessly to the ground, A ferocious battle cry came from one of the halls doorways. Felderan Valdorious... My father Burst from hall with his flaming Axe raised high. At first glance, my father would have the upper hand... but That sword had a mind of its own... That Vile being planted his blade straight through his chest. I shouted down to my father in vain, I could tell he couldn't hear me.

"Have you ever looked into the eyes of a dieing man?"
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From the journal of a Greyheart
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