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Abandon All Hope, Ye Heretics
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Highlord Von Bodenschat

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PostSubject: ::IMPORTANT::   Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:47 pm

Stormwind's Treaty for the Fifth Scarlet Vanguard
*A copy of the treaty extended to the Fifth*

Objectives: To end the war between the Fifth Scarlet Vanguard and the city of Stormwind.

Conditions: SCARLET SIDE
-The Scarlet High-Mistress is to spend no less than two weeks within the stocks for crimes against the crown. This is a drop of severity from the arrest and trial.
-The Scarlet Embassy, while it does act as a special little place for the Scarlets, is indeed still Stormwind territory just as the cathedral is. Therefore all acts that are illegal in Stormwind are illegal there as well.
-The three whom freed a Scarlet prisoner and nearly killed several guards and half of the Council of Stormwind are wanted. Two remain unknown while the third is most certainly Honora,
-Skarim, should he be resurrected, may never again be in charge and/or make decisions on behalf of the Scarlet Vanguard.

Conditions: COUNCIL SIDE
-Crimes commited by any Scarlet after the signing of this treaty will be seen as the first offense, however, will be met with the same severity should it be anything atrocious or out right treasonous.
-Allow the Scarlets to return in full colors.

"A treaty has been presented to us, code of conduct while we are behind the walls of Stormwind. You WILL follow these to the letter, our 'work' shall be taken care of at a disclosed location."

With regards to Darkshire, we are NOT to roam the town lynching every animal we see walking about. Catch them in the middle of the woods and be quick about it.

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