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 Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:

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PostSubject: Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:45 am

Runner!" the hoarse voice shouted down the line. Several seconds later a smooth-faced youth jogged down the front line.

"Runner here, Lieutenant." he said to a middle-aged man with a thick brown beard, managing a salute, a clenched fist over the breast of his heart.

"Send word to the Captain that we've won the day." the bearded Lieutenant ordered with an exhausted look on his face, blood streaking across his face in a grisly smear.

"Ay-ay, sir." the youth responded and took off down the line toward the rear.
The Lieutenant stared out across the blood-soaked battlefield. Several limbs could be seen, along with the many corpses of the enemy. What enemy? he thought as he look out across the stained horizon as the sun began to dip beneath the mountains in the north. Does it even matter anymore?

"Oy--Loo 'teenun' yeh beh lookin' like shite right 'den?" a rough voice echoed from behind. The lieutenant turned about to spy the stocky dwarf he had known for some time.

"Draxx.." he said, eyeing the dwarf's blood-soaked battleaxe. "You have fun?" he asked with a glare.

"Aye. Better then back home tha's fer shu're. Bloody war is wha' ah was buil' fer, yeh know dat." the dwarf responded as he walked with a surly air to him.

"Well, good to see you alive." the Lieutenant grunted and then nodded firmly to him and around to rub the back of his neck, his muscles were stiff and aching, something new to him as he entered his twentieth season with Lord Darinthos. Bloody rebels.. when will they learn that Lordearon will never change. Uprisings were common in Lordearon, and were put down usually with harsh repercussions to those involved.

"Well, ah bes' beh gittin' back 'ta mah mercenaries. Watch yer back." Draxx told him as he stomped off.
The Lieutenant nodded wearily and stared up at the sky as dusk began to set in, the dwindling dark stretching further across the sky toward the horizon. His unit was beginning to close in on him from the battlefield, to congratulate and ask for leave, and praise him for winning the battle, asking when the war will be over.

Do you not know that I live by war, and that peace would be my undoing? he thought to himself that night as his men sat around the campfire telling stories.

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PostSubject: Re: Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:51 am

Naevius!" "Aerrriius!"

He ran up the hillside as the woman's voice shouted from above. I bet it's dinner time. The boy thought.

"Naevius!" came the woman's voice once again as the boy reached the top of the hill and the small cabin came into view.

"About time, lad. Get inside for suppa' hmm?" the tall woman standing in the doorway cajoled to him. I'm not that hungry but..

The boy couldn't have been any older than six, he was smudged with dirt and had been playing all day in the fields.

"Yes, momma." he hung his head and dragged his feet to the shack. The intense smell of buttered potatoes and
simmering chicken touched his nostrils and he realized his hunger was stronger than he originally thought. He perked up and bolted to the shack at a tiny sprint. The woman returned to the porch and the boy bumped into her.

"Ohh, watch it now, lad. You don't want to hurt yerself now." she said, looking down to him with her big, beautiful
dark eyes.

"I know, mom." he said, lowering his head. She smiled at him and kissed his sweaty head.

"Go inside n-." she began to say, but was cut short as she looked off to the fields. The sounds of horse hoofs thundered in the distance. "Naevius. Go inside." she ordered, pushing him past her. I don't wanna.

"What?" he said and looked out from behind her long skirts. I hope it's rain!

"I said go inside, Naevius!" she said more forceful, pushing him into the doorway. The horses were closer and the sound of metal scraping against metal clinked, the telltale sign of armored riders. As the sun waned in the western skyline of the Lordamere the riders appeared over the hilly terrain. There were at least a dozen men on horseback, one of them bearing a standard of the Royal House of Darinthos and of the local noble Lord that owned the land.

"We come in the name of the King and of Lord Darinthos!" a man at the front boomed out as the horses were pulled to a stop at the front porch of the cabin.

"I kin see tha' flags, lad, I know who ya repre'sen'" she said, scowling at the man at the front. The rest of the armored men wore helms, hiding their faces. Her scowl turned to a worrisome frown as she noticed the face of the man was one she recognized.

"Beltana." he said as he dismounted, his armor clinking together as he strode up to her and inclined his head politely. "You know why I've come?" he asked in a straight-forward tone, his face a stony mask of indifference.

She frowned and spoke in a sad voice. "You've come fer mah Naevius.." The man nodded, his wing-etched armor shining dully in the dwindling light of the day.

"I'm sorry Bell.. I have orders. The boy is to be taken to the military academy." he told her with a bit of regret, lifting
his gauntlet-clad fist to the mounted men behind.

"No!" she shouted, collapsing weakly to her knees. "No! Please.. don't take mah boy.. he's all ah 'ave in 'da world.. good ser.. knight.. please.." she pleaded for some time, gripping the knight's greaves before two helmed soldiers were sent into the cabin to retrieve the boy.

"Mommy! Mommy!" the boy cried, tears streaming down his face as he was taken out of the cabin on the shoulder of a massive, armored man, banging his tiny fists against the metal skin of the knight. "Wha-what you want with us! Leave us alone!" he cried over and over.

"Shut the boy up, Blaen." the man with the wing-etched armor ordered, the woman still clutching his metal legs. The large, helmed man nodded and turned the boy's head into a wooden post, knocking him unconscious.

"No! Yah kin'a take mah boy! Naevius! Naevius!" she screamed and got up, clawing her way around the metal-clad knights.

Suddenly she felt a sting in the middle of her back which turned to burning agony within moments. She looked down to see just the tip of a sword coming out of her belly. What was the tip of a sword doing there? She wondered. Blood welled inside her throat and spilled from her mouth. The wing-etched-armored man pulled his blade out of her back and turned to his horse as she collapsed onto the deck of the cabin. The last image she saw was her boy being strapped to a horse before everything went black.

The wing-etched-armored man mounted his horse and turned toward the cabin and the regiment of mounted men. "Burn it." he said grimly and rode off into the horizon with the boy strapped to the back of his stead.
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PostSubject: Re: Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:   Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:37 am

Naevius sat in shackles. Pretty hungry, what else is new? Huh? Am I still alive or finally dead?

He sat in darkness, his malnourished, rail-thin frame painfully sucked into himself. Ribs easily visible and his legs were like the branches of a small tree. Bastard. How long? Year maybe.. maybe more. No more than a year. He heard the scurrying of rats nearby and moved with a quickness he didn’t know he had in him. He felt around in the pitch black of the void that surrounded him, groping at the noise. Food!

The crunch of bone could be heard as he broke a rat’s spine in half and began devouring the tumor-infested vermin in a horrible scene of animalistic hunger. When we are reduced to the state of--.. animals? Who said that? He thought as he ripped the anus and colon away from the rat’s backside and swallowed it.

Having finished his meal he sat back down in the dank blackness, his chains clinking together. How long have I worn these? Long enough to atone for any sin. But what was my sin? Feeling for my country? Finally becoming human? General Garithos.. I’ll never forget your face..

He shifted in the dark cell and began to sob quietly. The sound mingling well with the sound of running water nearby as it descended through a crack in the wall and gathered in a large pool in the corner. I have done so many horrible things..

The memories of Naevius began to filter through his time-tortured psyche: A countryside village on fire, children huddling close to their mothers as their fathers died. “Kill them all! Rotten elven scum!” A brightly-armored man mounted on a war-horse screamed to the equally well-armored units on foot. The infantry didn’t even stop in their carnage and put every man, woman and child to the sword.

His mind reeled to another distant memory suddenly: “Ah mister Naevius.. I’ve come to warm your bed..”
“It’s Captain Aerius to you wench, get in here..” The young, fiery Naevius Aerius, with barely a beard grown ravaged the 13 year old girl-elf that night, raping her until she bled. And to avoid any problems with children in the future, he slashed her throat and her men dumped the body in the nearest gully stream.

The tears kept coming, streaming down to his chin and jawline, dripping down to his pronounced ribcage. How do I still have the salty discharge of tears after all this time? A hardened veteran of the great Lordearon Army.. now what am I? A sobbing fool.. a baby in the darkness. Unable to escape my demons..

Naevius reached up to hold a hand over his eyes as if any of it mattered in the darkness. The day I resist orders.. I’ve killed so many at the orders of my General. Why did I refuse? Was it because it was a Lordearon village? Was it because of he-

His thoughts were quickly extinguished as he cocked his head, listening silently.

The sound of footfalls could be heard and Naevius snapped up his face quickly. How long? Weeks, months? Years? I’ve survived on rats for at least a month..

Suddenly the light shone into the cell, cutting through the bars and slicing shafts of piercing light onto the pathetic excuse of a life form known as Naevius Aerius. He quickly raised his filthy arm to shield his eyes as they were blinded by the alien light that had not reached his eyes in so long.

“Lookie-lookie, the Cap’n looks like a beggar.” The harsh voice sounded into the cell. Laughter echoed off the stone walls of the dungeons as a key turned and the torch guttered. Naevius finally moved his arm and adjusted his eyes to the light. Standing before him was a broad man with a long jagged scar running through his left eye, rendering it blind no doubt. Staring at the man for what seemed an eternity, Naevius began to search his broken mind. I know this face.. I know it.

“They got you all ragged and ruined eh?” the big man said as he lumbered past the doorway and into the cell. Naevius now noticed the blood staining part of his boiled leather cuirass and the sword sheathed on his side. Jailers aren’t allowed swords. Who.. wh-. It suddenly hit him like a kick from a five thousand pound elephant.

“O-oguma..” the words came from Naevius’s lips, a hoarse whisper, paper-thin, and uttered with such weakness you’d think it were the first words of some small babe.

“Yup. They didn’t get yer wits after all Cap’n.” Naevius struggled onto his feet, chains clinking together and the stream of tears flowing anew. His leg muscles began to quiver as he was finally able to stand. “By the Light they didn’ feed-cha shite did they?” the big man quickly began unlocking the chains. As they fall and clunk to the ground Naevius had the sudden urge to hug this old bear of a comrade but resisted.

“T-the men, wh...wh--...whe?” Naevius rasped.

“All of ‘em are waitin’ at the stairs. We gotta move quick. Everythings gonna be fine.. I hope” Without another word and as quick as a cat Oguma grabbed up Naevius in his muscle-clad arms. “Sorry but no time for pride. Yer not ready fer walkin’ and we got about five seconds before this place is full of castle guards.”

The last thing Naevius remembered before falling into a deep unconscious lull was the big ugly and scarred grin of Oguma staring down at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:   Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:41 am

Stinging sweat rolled into the teenager's eyes and the battering attack was felt once again on the other end
of his shield. His arm was jarred and the shield dropped, revealing the attacker, a tall man with
harsh features, a clean shaven face with sunken cheeks and eyes, a man who looked important enough not to get enough sleep, but the sour expression of one who does not enjoy their life. Oh no.. damn, damn damn. I'm going to get it now.

"Pick it up, you maggot-eattin' turd." the harsh-featured man commanded, a sneer forming on his thin lips.

"S-sorry, Weaponsmaster D'arce." the unshaven youth apologized, reaching down for his shield. He wouldn't have
seen the cheap shot coming even if he wasn't exhausted.

"Valnius look ou-" a voice called out from the back of a crowd of watchful young students. Huh? Why is somebody calling my- The wooden sparring sword smashed into his nose, producing a vivid crunch and a dramatic spray of blood across the floor. Agony poured into his face and he felt dizzy, falling to a knee and putting a hand to his nose which came away soaked
with his own blood. He tasted the familiar coppery tange of his own blood soon as the faucet of blood begin to run from his nostrils and also the split flesh. Bastard.. that bastard.. he broke my nose.

"See what happens when you don't pay attention in battle?" D'arce spoke in a clear voice to the group of boys armored with thick pads of cotton and helms.

"That wasn't fair.. sir." Valnius said up at the Weaponsmaster, somewhat unwisely.

"Not fair? I'm sorry mister Valnius did you want me to tell you when I was going to attack? Unfortunately for you the enemy won't give you that luxury." D'arce responded. A boot flew toward Valnius, but he saw it coming and caught the weaponmaster's foot in a tired grip. "Good. You saw that coming." D'arce arced the wooden sword around, forcing Valnius to make a split decision. Shit..shit..shit. He lifted his arm and absorbed the blow on a thick cotton armpad, right near the thickest part while simultaneously grabbing his lost shield and bringing the lip up with all his force. D'arce danced back and held out a foot, sending the charging Valnius headfirst into the matted floor where his bloody nose sprayed specks onto the floor. "Not bad.. take the blow and try a foolish headlong charge?" D'arce managed a smirk, the closest thing one ever got to seeing a smile on his thin cruel lips. He pointed his sword to Valnius, lying face-first on the floor, too tired to get up. "A tired soldier makes stupid mistakes. If you cannot fight for as long as the battle continues, then you are useless to Lord Darinthos." With that D'Arce ended the lesson and walked off without a word to Valnius.

The familiar touch of arms grasped around his shoulders and hoisted him to his feet. "You damned fool, Valnius, letting your pride get in the way eh?" came the voice behind him. Valnius turned about-face, holding a hand over his nose which had leaked blood all down his white padded sparring uniform.

"I hate that man, Roland.." Valnius said to the pudgy boy across from him. "He is out to inflict as much pain as possible on me, I know it."

"You're being paranoid."

"No, it's true. Everytime we spar he picks me.. he won't leave me alone in the barracks either, and with my studies, I've looked at more history books this past month then the damn scribed who wrote them. What the hell do I need to learn military strategy for?" Valnius whined, nursing his cracked nose.

"You better head to the physician, he'll fix you. Don't worry, he's just hard on you because he might see potential in you or something like that. Right?" asked Roland.

"You're a Fairfax, Roland. You have noble blood in you, you don't know what it's like being a Valnius. I'm just one of many. A bastard child that nobody wants to claim and say is his." Valnius stated matter-of-factly, looking to the ground where his blood stains smeared across the white mat.

Roland lowered his own head, seeming discouraged at the depressed words. "Look, you may not be a Fairfax, but you didn't have to deal with my life either. You'll never know what it's like having to live up to your father and his father and his father before him. Look at -me- Valnius, I'm no soldier. I can't even get people to follow me, but you.." he trailed off.

Valnius wiped at his nose once more as they began walking for the exit. "People just like me because I'm the outcast. They can use me as a scapegoat."

"That's not true. I've heard the way the other kids talk about you. You've got something we don't, I don't know what it is. You're not that likeable but.."

"Great, thanks.." Valnius interrupted. Is he trying to cheer me up or something?

"Just hear me out. It's not your face or your words, it's how you talk. Things simply make sense, you're smarter then any of us, Valnius, you know that, and you're the most talented in the ring, nobody puts up a fight like you do."

"Whatever." Valnius retorted as they began the long walk down to the medicinal wing. I guess I've always been stubborn and prideful. Maybe he's right. Maybe I am different then all these others. As they passed other boys in uniform they drew attention, a wiry boy growing a beard and a fat one with a silly moustache, one bleeding down his white sparring uniform make for interesting gossip. They both took the brunt of insults as they finally made it to medical.

A female in a uniform was stitching the eyebrow of another boy as Valnius and Roland walked in. She looked up and noticed the two. "Hey Valnius! Oh- my.. what happened? Your nose is - Was it D'arce again?" she asked. "You're good to go" she said to the boy and patted his back. Jenna? Damn why does she have to be here. Valnius looked her over and felt quite silly standing there with his hand clasped over his nose like some court jester. She looks good. She always looks good. If I could get her alone...

"Thanks Jenn." he grinned at her stupidly and gave Valnius a dirty look as they passed.

"Yeah.. can you fix it? I think it's broken." Valnius staggered his way a bit dramatically to the operating table. As she inspected his nose he couldn't help but notice her supple curves and sleek appearance. She put her hand on his thigh as she continued to prod his nose with her other hand. She does this on purpose. "Ow! That hurt!"

"Stay still you baby.." she said, furrowing his brows down in concentration.

Ow, ow.. shit! Shit! Suddenly she grabbed his nose and a sickening crunch was heard as she twisted and turned, causing a stream of tears to run down Valnius's face. Is she trying to kill me?!

"There." she said and put her hands on her hips, smiling at him in a way he thought only she could. What I wouldn't give to.. Suddenly the academy horn was sounded. Damn it! Damn it! The unusual trio ran out of medical and toward the courtyard.
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PostSubject: Re: Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:   Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:10 pm

(Rough Draft) Valnius was drunk, his eyes red as he looked about the dark tavern, leaning onto the poor bar before him. Valnius looked up to see a dark, grizzled old looking tavern keep. Valnius stank heavily of piss, whiskey, and cheap whores. "..hic.. Yah.. shure.. giv-give me more o' tha' good whiskey.." Valnius stumbled down towards his purse, looking down to a few feeble silver coins which was held in his pocket. Son of a bitch... "Well... eh.. I got me 'ere.. a silver coin.. fuckin' 'ell ye son of a bitch.. give me ehh-huh.. yer piss-whiskey.."

The grizzled bartender grumbled loudly, at the lone old soldier in the bar, In Stormwind, and slowly pulled out a cheap bottle of booze, and handed it to him. Valnius smile grew a bit before he turned towards the lush-large bellied red-head, that stood, in the bar. She was wearing a short low-cut pink dress, that dangled about her supple, and plentiful curves. Ah, the fuckin' whore I was hearing about.. Valnius opened the bottle of whiskey, and took a long gulp before stepping forward with the cheap bottle of whiskey.

"How much fer yer services, girl?" Valnius asked the whore, with a gruff smile on his grizzled face. The girl peered right through the old gruff soldier for a moment.

"Ten coppers for your limp dick, old man." The large-whore said, in a business manner. Valnius frowned, for a moment, counting out ten coppers, handing it to the cheap bar-whore. "Good take me upstairs then, whore." Valnius smirked, being led upstairs by the large whore, into a cheap looking bedroom that smelt heavily of sex, and piss. It was relieving. Valnius slowly pulled off the cheap clothing from his body, the harlot quickly removed her low cut dress, revealing more of her supple curves. Valnius looked down to the whores legs, inbetween them, seeing a few blister-looking marks down on it, before sighing, drunkingly stumbling, and pushing the whore over on the bed.

Valnius groaned a bit, as the prostitute, wiggled slightly, spreading her legs widely apart, as he slided his semi-erect cock into the diease-ridden pussy of the whore, screwing her for what seemed a few moments, before releasing his seed within her. And then, walking out of the bedroom. Not paying a heed to the fat-whore.

Valnius stumbled down the stairs, with his cheap bottle in hand, walking out in the streets of the slums of Stormwind. He stumbled down a back alley, where he finally hit the side of a street, puking on himself, before blackness seeped it's ways into his eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:   

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Flakes of Steel: A Tale of General Valnius:
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