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 Event - Under New Management - RP (PvP)

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Highlord Von Bodenschat

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PostSubject: Event - Under New Management - RP (PvP)   Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:33 pm

Under New Management

Description - Durnholde Keep is a ruined stronghold located east of the town of Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills. After the Second War, Durnholde served as the command center of the orc internment camps. The orcish menace, Thrall, was kept prisoner here during his childhood before breaking free and making an escape. The fortress was initially ruled by Lieutenant General Aedelas Blackmoore. During the mongrels escape, Thrall slew Blackmoore in combat and destroyed Durnholde, ending the internment camp system

In modern day, Alteriacian Bandits known as "The Syndicate" have taken hold of our once proud Alliance Keep. This must not be allowed to continue, our forces shall storm the keep, slaying any and all who should seek to stand in our path!

OOC : "Under New Management"

Goal - Our goal is to clear and hold the Internment Camp for fourty (40) minutes. Salvaging, repairing and battling as we go.
Conduct - Level 15's - 25's shall lead the charge, providing more realism in combat. Full RP gear!

This isn't a PewPewBlamBlam instant death we win type of event. Take things slow, enjoy *progression* of our battles!

Durnholde Keep

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Event - Under New Management - RP (PvP)
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