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 Eastern Plaguelands - City - Tyr's Hand

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Highlord Von Bodenschat

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PostSubject: Eastern Plaguelands - City - Tyr's Hand   Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:57 pm

Tyr's Hand

Population : 9,000

Tyr's Hand is a fortified city located in Eastern Plaguelands to the southeast and counts a population of 9,000 inhabitants[1]. Tyr’s Hand is the only major human settlement left in this part of Lordaeron. It is manned by our armies and is relatively untouched by the undead plague. The few humans who roam the Plaguelands desperately seek the safety of Tyr’s Hand. During the days of the Third War, forces of the Scourge laid siege to the fortified city but could never breach it, largely in part due to the tenacious efforts of its garrison that would soon declare its loyalty to the burgeoning Scarlet Crusade.

At some point, the elder High General Abbendis commanded the city and its Crusaders and priests. The city includes several churches, including the the immense Scarlet Basilica, an abbey and a church. In the city's center is the newly erected Scarlet Monastery, a grand edifice that rivals Stormwind's Cathedral of Light. To this day, Tyr's Hand has resisted the push of Kel'Thuzad's undead minions, and continues to serve as not only the regional base of operations for the Scarlet Crusade, but its religious center as well. In the bleak darkness of the eastern Plaguelands, it is the only patch of greenery.

~Highlord Von Bodenschat
~High General Ostrick

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Eastern Plaguelands - City - Tyr's Hand
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