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 Western Plaguelands - City - Hearthglen

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Highlord Von Bodenschat

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PostSubject: Western Plaguelands - City - Hearthglen   Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:24 pm


Population : 3,000
Hearthglen is a town in the northern area of the former kingdom of Lordaeron, located north of Andorhal, in an area now known as the Western Plaguelands. The town was controlled from Mardenholde Keep. It is now controlled by the Scarlet Crusade.

Hearthglen was a target of the Scourge in the beginnings of the Third War. Reinforced by Prince Arthas and his armies, the town held off the undead long enough for the arrival of Uther and his knights. Hearthglen is now appropriated by the Scarlet Crusade and have turned it into a major base of operation. Prior to Arthas' betrayal to the death knight of Ner'zhul, the prince tracked a shipment of grain infected with the Plague of Undeath to the town of Hearthglen. He, along with soldiers of Lordaeron's army, were able to slay those infected by the shipment before they could spread the disease to the entire town. However, shortly thereafter a large force of Undead laid siege to the town, but Arthas was able to repel the invaders until Uther arrived with reinforcements. Ironically, it was the efforts of the future Lich King that saved Hearthglen and ultimately allowed it to survive to the present as a bastion of the Scarlet Crusade.

Hearthglen is the second most important bastion of the Scarlet Crusade if not the most important. That is why renowned heroes, officers and members of the Scarlet Crusade have been sent here to lead Hearthglen.

Commanding Officers
~Highlord Von Bodenschat
~High Commander Galvar Pureblood
~High Protector Lorik
~Cavalier Durgen
~Huntsman Radley
~Foreman Jerris

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Western Plaguelands - City - Hearthglen
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